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Mars Society London is a new chapter of the International Mars Society.

The aim of the London chapter is to build a community of Mars and Space Pioneers and Entrepreneurs in London and the UK. We want to inspire and enable a new generation of scientists, technologists, designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, investors and others to direct their talents and skills towards this exciting and important cause of our generation. And of course, to inspire and re-inspire existing and new space and Mars enthusiasts!

The exploration and settlement of Mars is one of the most daring and audacious human endeavours of our time
— Dr. Robert Zubrin



Dr. Martin Dinov is acting as the chairman of the London chapter of the international Mars Society. He is a neuroscientist and AI expert. He earned his Ph.D. in computational and experimental neuroscience, focusing on building interpretable machine learning models for use in bettering brain-computer interfaces. He is working on bringing more AI advancements to various industries, including in space. His work focuses on explainable AI methods.

Lately, he has been obsessing about CubeSats, believing that this will be one of the important future platforms for building infrastructure on Mars and space more broadly.


Dzera co-founded Mars Society London with Martin and acts as a co-chair. Her interests lie at the intersection of human-centred design, science literacy, neuroscience, AI and education.

She is interested in how design of our tools and environments shape our reality: the way we think, live and evolve and how exponentially growing technologies are redefining what it means to be human.  She believes that we will soon see far more of AI, technology and businesses venturing into space.

Norbert naskov - Board member

Norbert Naskov acts as a Board Member and Technical Lead of the Society. He is an expert at building real-time web applications at scale.

He believes a developed Space Economy will revolutionise every aspect of our lives: from how we travel, to how we manufacture goods, to how we cope with Climate Change and Pollution. He wants to lead an accelerator to help entrepreneurs create profitable Space startups. 

Alex Molyneux - Board member

Alex believes that the space industry is among one of the biggest and most exciting new industries to emerge. His background is in physics and neuroscience and is currently working day to day with AI technology. He is passionate about understanding how AI can be applied to the space industry, and also how brain computer interfaces and their possibilities can be used for the space industry and beyond.

His main aim is to promote how these technologies can be used in the space industry and to ultimately bring more people on board and accelerate the progress of humanity into space.