We want to launch a Cube Sat

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One of the technical and entrepreneurial goals of this society of the Mars Society London is to launch our own CubeSat. We are currently in the process of sketching out the most useful way of employing a CubeSat launch, for the purposes of better thinking about, studying and eventually settling Mars. Most likely our satellite will become a test-precursor for a future Martian CubeSat mission.


WHY Cubesats?

The CubeSat, or Cube Satellite, is a new specification and platform for satellites. They are comparatively very low-cost and provide many exciting new possibilities for packing useful tools into a small form-factor. Today you can design, build, test and launch one at about 50-100K. Tomorrow, it will be even cheaper. Imagine this - for the cost of a single full-sized satellite, we can now launch 100+ (potentially 1000+) CubeSats, forming a swarm of useful functionality.