“Humans can be on Mars in the next 10 years” Dr Robert Zubrin

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The Mars Colony Contest

The Mars Society is holding a contest for the best plan for a Mars colony of 1000 people. There will be a prize of $10,000 for first place, $5,000 for second and $2,500 for third. In addition, the best 20 papers will be published in a book “Mars Colonies: Plans for Settling the Red Planet.”

Anyone from any country can participate in the contest. Submissions are 20-page papers, describing all aspects of a self-supporting Mars colony:

Technical Design: (40%) What systems will be used? How will they work?
Economic: (30%) How can the colony be made economically successful?
Social/Cultural: (10%) What should Martian society be like? What kinds of schools, arts, sports, and other activities, should there be? How, given a fresh start, can life on Mars be made better than life on Earth?
Political/Organisational: (10%) How should the colony govern itself?
Aesthetic: (10%) How can the colony be made beautiful?

Full Details about the contest here:

The ideation hackathon

We at the London chapter, are creating a 2-day Hackathon, to help our community participate in the Contest. This event will be a unique opportunity to learn about Mars from industry experts and to work in teams with people bringing a combination of skills towards the goal of designing the first human settlement on Mars. 

You will have the chance to:

  1. Hear talks from experts in the fields

  2. Form a well-balanced team

  3. Get feedback on your proposal

  4. Expand your network in the Space Economy

NOTE: Participation in the Contest is not dependent on participation in the Hackathon. Anyone can submit their paper whenever they want.