Dr. Tony Sephton

ESA (European Space Agency) Business Applications

Dr. Tony Sephton has spent over 25 years in the space industry, in roles covering applications, ground segment and future spacecraft missions. He has been at ESA Business Applications for nearly 9 years, and as Special Projects Manager, he has been engaged in identifying and managing activities in satellite-based services across a broad range of applications such as Precision Agriculture, Animal Tracking, Flood Response, the Arctic, Space Weather, Ageing Society and Commercial Climate Services.

The vision of ESA Business Applications is to improve the lives of people on Earth through Space. Space assets can provide excellent opportunities for enabling new services or making innovative improvements in existing services. ESA BA runs a globally-recognised programme offering zero-equity funding in various categories from healthcare to VR/AR and others, as well as providing access to networks and information and dedicated project management support for commercial and technical developments of space-related projects.