Please fill in the form below to apply for participation in the Mars Colony Prize Hackathon. Successful teams will be notified by the 1 March.

You are applying as a team and if you successful, all members can attend together. Team size must be between 3 - 5 people. There will be a fee of approx £30 per person for the participation in the 2 day Hackathon (~15% discount on the individual fee).

How many members on the team.
For each member, please provide Full Name + Email on separate lines.
Please answer as a team. Expected ~ 200-300 words.
The Mars Colony challenge will be judged on a variety of criteria - technical, economic, social, political & aesthetic. Do you have some expertise in all of those areas? Does your team have a specific area where you would need some more help? NOTE: Having weaknesses is very welcomed and will not lower your chances of being accepted. On the contrary, it would make it easier for us to provide the most relevant mentors and additional participants with relevant skills.